Helmet Innovation

Easton-Bell Sports is the largest manufacturer of sporting goods helmets in the world. Our brands, which include helmet technology leaders Bell, Giro, Riddell and Easton, offer best-in-class helmets for more sports, and more athletes, than any other company. 
  • Bell is the number one brand in the U.S. by sales in cycling helmets and accessories
  • Giro is the number one brand in the U.S. by sales in ski and snowboard helmets
  • Riddell, the combined leader in football helmet and shoulder pad equipment, is the Official Helmet of the NFL and used by numerous Division I NCAA teams 
  • Easton markets high-performance baseball/softball helmets for athletes ranging from Little League World Series to NCAA Division I players, and its hockey helmets are used at all levels of play ranging from junior leagues to the NHL 
Changing the Game
Easton-Bell Sports continually invests in research, design and development to improve the performance and protective advantage of its products—an investment that has yielded approximately 175 patents to date. Our ability to develop game-changing products is driven by our brand teams—some of the best and brightest minds in sports engineering call Easton-Bell Sports home.
Our teams are able to leverage economies of scale and resources from throughout the company when creating new products. Design and engineering teams from across brands constantly examine how athletes can be better protected—challenging the notion of what’s possible at every step. In this way, new approaches in one sport lead to new insights in another. Examples include enabling innovations in bike and snow sports helmets to be re-imagined and applied to hockey helmets and expanding the use of an advanced material in football helmets to better protect adventure athletes.
This collaboration is highly visible at The DOME—a cutting-edge research and design facility dedicated to helmet technology. At The DOME, located in Scotts Valley, Calif. with a sister facility in Hong Kong, innovation, design and engineering teams from across sports come together with one thing in mind—the athlete. Here, designers and engineers prototype materials for impact absorption and put them through extreme testing procedures. 
From pee wees to pros, The DOME’s expertise and passion for success sets new standards for product performance, building trust and confidence from athletes around the world.
A History of Being First 
Our brands have pioneered some of the most impactful innovations in helmet technology history—a tradition that continues today. From auto racing to motorcross, BMX and mountain biking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, football, hockey and baseball, our brands have made a habit of being first to market with helmets that redefine entire categories.  
  • First protective auto racing helmet (Bell)
  • First full-face motorcycle helmet (Bell)
  • First protective cycling helmet (Giro)
  • First protective football helmet with Revolution technology (Riddell)
  • First suspension system for football helmets (Riddell)


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